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Eco-Friendly Wedding Decor Ideas For The Environmentally Conscious Couple

August 01, 20235 min read

Hey there lovebirds!


Are you planning your wedding but want to keep Mother Earth smiling too?  I’ve got you covered with some insanely cool eco-friendly wedding décor ideas that will make your big day a total hit while keeping the environment in mind.  Let’s dive into the trendiest green wedding décor tips!


Using Natural Elements: Earth’s Sustainable + Free Accents

Regardless of the season you’re getting married in, there is always an opportunity to incorporate elements from nature from your special day.  And I’m not just talking about flowers.  If you’re getting married at the beach, you can create beautiful centerpieces with sand, seashells and beeswax candles.  If you’re getting married in the fall, you can use the changing leaves as décor. Winter wedding? What about using pinecones as place card holders?  There are so many creative ways to bring nature’s natural elements into your wedding day.  The bonus here is that all of the suggestions I just made are 100% absolutely free!


Reusable Signage: Stylish + Sustainable

I know it’s super trendy right now to get custom acrylic signs made.  Although they are beautiful, they can only be used once.  Now if you’re going to hang it in your home after the wedding, then go for it!  That isn’t most couples though which means those gorgeous acrylic signs get thrown out at the end of the night.  An eco-friendly and sustainable alternative is to source items that can be reused instead of thrown away.  An example of this would be a chalkboard or a cool mirror. They’re perfect for displaying your seating chart, menu or any other fun messages you want to share with your guests! And they are super easy to personalize with fun calligraphy or doodles. A vintage mirror or a fun chalkboard are definitely items you can hang in your home after your wedding day and they don’t have to still have your welcome sign or your seating chart still on it!


Upcycled Wedding Décor: Your Home’s Hidden Gems

Speaking of bringing home your wedding décor, you might already have wedding décor in your home right now! This is a great way to create unique and sustainable wedding décor that is intentionally you.  Mason jars and glass bottles make charming centerpieces for your reception tables.  You can paint them, wrap them with twine or leave them as they are for a rustic and eco-friendly touch.  Picture frames can be repurposed into eye-catching displays for table numbers, menu cards or signature drink signage.  You might have a really cool box laying around that would make for a unique card box to collect all the cards from your guests.  Candle holders, crystals, and any other signage you have hanging in your home are also great options to include in your wedding décor!    


Thrift Away: Facebook Marketplace, Estate Sales, Thrift Stores

Whether you are reusing someone else’s wedding décor or thrifting a non-wedding item to be used in your wedding décor, repurposing and reusing items is a great way to accumulate wedding décor in a sustainable way. If you’re looking for wedding specific décor, like signage, centerpieces or a cake topper, Facebook Marketplace is a great place to look.  I would definitely also see if there is a Facebook Group in your county or state that is specifically created to sell wedding décor.  If there isn’t then search wedding on Facebook marketplace and I’m sure you’ll find some available décor.  If you are open to finding your décor in other places, thrift stores and estate sales are great options! 


I thrifted over fifty crystal candleholders from a local thrift store for a fraction of what it would have cost me if I bought them new. Our card box was a wicker box that I found on Facebook Marketplace.  I also found a glass terrarium on Facebook Marketplace which we needed for our Unity Ceremony.  If you allocate some time to explore and see what you find whether online or in person, and have patience, thrifting is a great way to find some really cool and unique wedding décor for your wedding.  


Sustainable Blooms: Let’s Talk Sustainable Flowers

Flowers often play a big part in wedding décor even though floral industry is known for its negative impact on the environment due to its reliance on intensive farming and transportation.  If you want to include real flowers into your wedding décor, you still can while being eco-friendly!  The best way to do this is source your flowers from a local organic farm that follows sustainable practices.  Think farm to table for your flowers, not just your food.  This not only ensures fresher blooms, but also supports the local economy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions associated with long-distance transportation.  If you want a way to repurpose the fresh flowers from your special day, you might want to preserve them.


While fresh cut flowers are undeniably beautiful, they have a limited lifespan and generate a considerable amount of waste if not repurposed.  So, if fresh cut flowers aren’t your thing, you can still incorporate flowers into your day by included dried flowers or live potted plants.  Dried flowers have a unique and timeless charm that can be just as stunning as fresh blooms.  You can use dried flowers in bouquets or centerpieces and they’ll maintain their beauty long after the wedding day. If live plants are more your think, you can incorporate potted plants or succulents and cacti into your wedding décor.  These can double as wedding favors for your guests to take home and nurture, serving as a lasting reminder of your special day.         


By incorporating these eco-friendly wedding decor ideas into your celebration, you can create a magical and sustainable event that aligns with your values. Remember that every small choice can make a difference, and your eco-conscious decisions may inspire others to follow suit. Embrace the beauty of nature, repurpose items, support local businesses, and choose reusable and sustainable materials to create a wedding that not only reflects your love for each other but also your love for the planet. Together, we can make a positive impact and pave the way for more eco-friendly celebrations in the future.



Planning our wedding was one of the greatest accomplishments of my life. It was so amazing to witness a day that was infused with the essence of our relationship, filled with love and surrounded by the people that meant so much to us. It goes without saying, it was a ton of work + lots of late nights, and it was worth every one.

So I created Twelve Moons Studio...
Twelve Moons Studio is a wedding brand that sparks inspiration and empowers couples to craft their dream weddings

Alicia Marie Geczi

Planning our wedding was one of the greatest accomplishments of my life. It was so amazing to witness a day that was infused with the essence of our relationship, filled with love and surrounded by the people that meant so much to us. It goes without saying, it was a ton of work + lots of late nights, and it was worth every one. So I created Twelve Moons Studio... Twelve Moons Studio is a wedding brand that sparks inspiration and empowers couples to craft their dream weddings

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