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Variety of Cacti in a different types of plant pots

The Plant Lover's Guide To Wedding Decor

August 01, 20238 min read

If you are a plant lover, then I can picture your home already because it probably looks the same as mine.  As I’m typing this, I’m sitting in my office which is basically a glorified jungle.  Monsteras, snake plants, spider plants and lots of propagations going, my office is more of a greenhouse than an office.  And you know what? I LOVE IT.

So if you’re anything like me and you love your houseplants, why wouldn’t you incorporate them into your wedding?  Our florist suggested we use houseplants at our wedding and that was way before it was trendy.  If I had a wedding do-over, this is one of those things I would DEFINITELY consider the next time around.  Between being an eco-friendly and budget friendly option, who wouldn’t want their plant babies at their big day? 


If you’re thinking about incorporating your houseplants into your wedding day, this is your sign to do it!  If you haven’t thought about it yet but you’re intrigued, this is also your sign to consider it.  Let’s look at some creative and unique ways to add houseplants into your wedding décor.    



Succulents + Cacti As Favors

This is the most popular way I’ve seen houseplants incorporated into a wedding.  If you’re a plant lover and there are succulent favors, you’ve probably helped yourself to a few.  Which means, if you’re the bride and groom, you probably won’t have a ton of favors leftover.  And honestly, if you do have leftovers, I think this is a favor you will happily have too many of! It’s a really cool favor idea because it’s something your guests can keep long after your wedding day… with the proper care of course.  You can include fun signage about how to care for them and mix and match varieties so you have lots of different options for your guests!  This is a very memorable favor that your guests sure won’t forget. 


Wedding Arch Pathos

Most plant people have a pathos or two hanging around.  That means that you have the perfect wedding arch décor.  Pathos (Epipremnum aureum) comes in lots of different varieties like the popular golden, the marble queen, neon, baltic blue and cebu blue to name a few.  If you have any of these varieties at home or maybe even a couple of them, you can mix and match them for the dreamiest wedding arch.  Whether your wedding backdrop is made of wood, metal or some other material, wrapping your pathos around it is going to bring it to life.  Depending on the arch, you could hang the plant in a beautiful macramé planter in the arch and wrap it from there or you can place it on the floor and wrap the vines up the arch.  This is a really cool way to bring these beautiful hanging plants into your wedding day.


Tall Snake Plants For Altar Décor

You are going to want some sort of décor around the wedding arch to ground the space.  This is where those snake plants that you have on the floor that are incredibly tall get to shine.  They make the ideal houseplant to ground the space.  With their straight, tall and narrow leaves, they stand firm and neatly which keeps the focus on the you two and the altar while completing the space.  They aren’t competing for attention in photos and they add the subtle completed look to the place where you are going to say “I Do”.  You can mix and match the variety of snake plants too so you have some different colors and textures.  You can even group them in three on each side so you can have different heights too.    


Ferns for Aisle Décor

If you’re looking for a cohesive look for your aisle décor, ferns are ideal. Ferns are typically very full which mean that it’s difficult to see variation between them which means they are the perfect solution for cohesive aisle décor.  They are also really light which means that it’s easy to move them and repurpose them in the cocktail hour or reception areas! One thing to keep in mind here is because they are so full, you want to make sure your aisle is wide enough.  If you have a big beautiful gown and ferns on both sides, it might make the aisle too narrow.  If you have a form fitting dress then full ferns might actually make the aisle feel less wide and more intimate which is a beautiful look as you walk towards your future husband!  


Bookcases At The Start Of The Aisle For Mix + Match Plants

If you have other plants that I haven’t mentioned so far, this is perfect place for them.  I love the décor at the beginning of the aisle, especially if you’re getting married outside.  Sometimes when there is so much open space, having some substantial pieces help focus and ground the ceremony space.  Bookcases at the start of the aisle is a really cool way to do that. You can mix and match bookcases with different heights or different finishes.  You can mix and match the plants you have on display too!  You can have everything match with two bookcases and the same plants on each side all in white pots. This option makes sure no house plant is left behind while giving you the ability to keep it matching or eclectic so it aligns with the rest of your wedding décor!


Tall Plants At The Table Arrangement Display

Whether you are doing place cards or a seating chart, this is a great place for your gigantic house plants.  I’m talking the palm, birds of paradise, pencil cactus, fiddle leaf, money tree, corn plant, and dragon tree to name a few.  Whatever plants you have on the floor, this is the spot they should go for your wedding. By mixing and matching here, you’re going to add lots of texture and varying heights which will draw attention to this area which your guests are only going to be at for a very short period of time.  Those beautiful gigantic houseplants of yours will definitely get them talking.


Ivy Ceiling Installation

If you’re getting married in a space that call for a ceiling installation, ivy is a great choice.  Because of different varieties and how quickly it grows, it’s a great option to use in your ceiling installation.  You can have it wrapped all the way around so it’s nice and buttoned-up, or you can have it hanging so it has an English countryside vibe.


Spider Plants As Centerpieces

The lush and whimsical look of spider plants make them the absolute perfect centerpiece.  If you have a big healthy spider plant at home, that probably means that you have lots of shoots coming off of it.  Those are the perfect size for centerpieces.  You can place them in different types of glass jars and use that as your centerpieces.  That makes it functional, because you’re propagating them, and beautiful because, well they just are. Or you can plant them and use a variety of different size pots and place them directly on the table or change heights by placing them on top of vintage books.  If this is a centerpiece option you’re considering or are committing to, you can start propagating your spider shoots now so you have larger plants by the time the wedding arrives.  They grow quick so it’s easy to plan how early you should start propagating them based on the size of plant you want for your wedding day!


Succulents + Cacti As Centerpieces

If spider plants aren’t your thing and you love the dessert plants, succulents and cactus make fantastic centerpieces.  If you are going with cactus just make sure you have plenty of room on the tables so your guests don’t accidentally get poked with a needle! This is a great way to bring in lots of different textures, colors and sizes.  You can have a cohesive look by choosing the same color or even the same pot so the bases match so the color and textures of the plants can really be showcased.  If you are doing succulents and cacti as your favors, this might even be a cool way to have a two in one.  Use them as your centerpieces and have a note and make an announcement that your guests can take home the centerpieces!  This means you don’t have to buy or bring double the number of plants which makes it less expensive too! 


Monsteras Around The Sweetheart Table

Depending on how big your monsteras are, you may only need two to decorate your sweetheart table!  If you have smaller ones, then having a couple here is also great. The large beautiful monstera leaves are a great way to add some visual interest here without taking away from the main attraction, you two!


Air Plant Adorned Wedding Cake

I know you’ve seen flowers on a wedding cake but have you seen an air plant?  This is a very cool way for you to bring your air plants into the mix. Air plants are another species with lots of variety so don’t think there is only have one type of air plant you can use here.  There are lots of different kinds which means again, lots of color, size and texture variety to choose from!


Are the ideas flowering yet?


Houseplants are becoming more and more popular in wedding décor and I think you can see why.  Bringing your own houseplants in will also bring that personal touch that is always so special for you to see as the couple getting married but also for your guests.  Plus, they will cherish those super cool favors and remember your wedding as a symbol of love and nature’s natural beauty. 


Embrace your green thumb and your love of houseplants and use them in a creative way for your wedding.  You won’t be disappointed!



Planning our wedding was one of the greatest accomplishments of my life. It was so amazing to witness a day that was infused with the essence of our relationship, filled with love and surrounded by the people that meant so much to us. It goes without saying, it was a ton of work + lots of late nights, and it was worth every one.

So I created Twelve Moons Studio...
Twelve Moons Studio is a wedding brand that sparks inspiration and empowers couples to craft their dream weddings

Alicia Marie Geczi

Planning our wedding was one of the greatest accomplishments of my life. It was so amazing to witness a day that was infused with the essence of our relationship, filled with love and surrounded by the people that meant so much to us. It goes without saying, it was a ton of work + lots of late nights, and it was worth every one. So I created Twelve Moons Studio... Twelve Moons Studio is a wedding brand that sparks inspiration and empowers couples to craft their dream weddings

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