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Looking for that magic wedding planning roadmap?

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Planning Our Forever is a wedding planning course to walks you through how to craft your dream wedding.

This course is a match made in heaven for busy professionals, engaged newbies, couples obsessed with the details, those feeling the stress and anyone craving that peace of mind.

I never imagined that planning our dream wedding would lead me to helping YOU!

our wedding was my dream wedding...

but it wasn't because I followed the traditional wedding planning rules

I absolutely love love and there is no better place to witness the immense amount of love between two people than at a wedding. I cry at every wedding I attend knowing that I am watching a truly personal moment that the couple has chosen to share with me.

It's beautiful and raw and the result of lots and lots of planning.

When our wedding was over, I didn't have the wedding blues. Instead, I felt how blessed we were to have lived the day of our dreams with our family and friends.

I felt a fire in my heart.

I wanted every couple to feel the same way at their wedding that we felt at ours. "Why did our wedding feel so special?" was the question I kept coming back to.

And that's when I realized, our wedding was truly OURS. We kept the noise out and planned the dream wedding that WE wanted.

I know not everyone knows that that's the secret to enjoying wedding planning or having the wedding of your dreams. And that's why I created Twelve Moons Studio...

“I entered this course feeling overwhelmed

and left feeling empowered and confident about planning my special day.”

Your teaching style is clear, engaging and very approachable. It was evident you have a deep understanding and passion for wedding planning and this shines through in every lesson. The pace was just right, allowing me to digest all the information without getting overwhelmed.

The aesthetics of the course are impeccable. Everything, from the video to the workbook, felt cohesive and well thought out. I particularly loved the interactive elements in the slideshow which made learning more dynamic!

grace l.

former bride

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